Windows comar 5P. i ADVANCED

Aluminium Windows

Our aluminium window range is designed to take into account the needs of the client, specifier and installer in fact all who care about delivering an aesthetic solution with long term performance. For the client who wants a building that will stand the test of time, we have many high performing suites, ensuring that even the most demanding project can be completed from a single source. Meeting the most stringent architectural demands; low U-values, matching slim sight lines for both the casement and tilt/turn, large glazing pocket for acoustic glass, secured by design and large sizes.

Our Window Range Includes:

  • Side Hung
  • Top Hung
  • Horizontal Pivot
  • Vertical Pivot
  • Top Swing
  • Reversible
  • Sliding

Fully Tested

  • Slimmer sight lines on Comar 5P.i Advanced Casement means U-values as low as 0.94.
  • Comar 5P.i Advanced Casement matches the slim sight lines of the Tilt/Turn.
  • Comar 5P.i Advanced Casement offers both internal and externally beaded options
  • BS 6375, Comar 5P.i Advanced has been tested with the new vent profiles and achieves 600Pa on both Air and Water.
  • PAS 24:2012, Comar 5P.i Advanced has been tested and passed at BSi offering Secured by Design options.
  • Using the latest thermal break technology to produce windows for the next generation of solutions Comar 5P.i is Document L compliant and available in 5 profile widths: 55mm, 60mm, 65mm, 75mm, 85mm with glazing options from 4mm to 62mm. Comar 5P.i, is a polyamide system that provides exceptional thermal efficiency for applications where accurate U-value trade-offs are required.